Vote for Sue for State Representative!

​Sullivan County, District 2

Meet Sue Gottling 

Undaunted by wind and cold, Sue and friend(s) hang out at the transfer station.

Celebrating July 4th in Sunapee, Sue Gottling and Linda Tanner, both running to represent Sunapee and Croydon

Election Day 

Tuesday, November 6,  2018!

​​​Respect for all three branches of government. 

Fiscally experienced and responsible, Chair of Sullivan County Finance Committee, 2012-2018

No tax increase. 

Work across party lines, 2/3 of bills have bipartisan support...reason trumps ideology

Strong effective voice on environmental issues

Against downshifting of costs to towns. Use my position as a representative to help constituents 

Balance business interests and public interest

Public Health Advocate, Women's Health supporter